The Science behind Mood Rings

If you happened to be around during the so-called Disco Era of the 1970s, you may remember when color-changing mood rings first became popular. There was nothing subtle about the Seventies; the fashions of the day certainly prove that.

We’ve had a few customers ask us if mood rings are safe for little kids to wear. We are happy to say that as long as a child is old enough to keep the ring out of their mouth, mood rings for kids are entirely safe.

The science behind mood rings is actually quite simple. There is a strip of heat-sensitive, or thermotropic liquid crystals under the glass ‘stone’ of a mood ring. At typical human body temperature of around 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius, the liquid crystals appear to be green. Excitement or passion can raise body temperature, thereby twisting the crystals in a way that makes them appear to be more violet or purple. If body temperature is lowered, the crystals twist in the other direction and reflect colors from the other end of the spectrum.

Forty years since they were first invented, mood rings for kids are enjoying an exciting resurgence in popularity. If you’re a jewelry reseller, you’ll surely want to know more about the highly popular mood rings we offer through our wholesale online catalog.

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box

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