6 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Wholesale Jewelry

No matter what type of retail business you have — from a busy clothing shop at a tourist destination to a small booth at a local flea market — your business can benefit from the sale of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry. Whether you mainly purchase items wholesale and resell them or you make items yourself, you can increase your sales with fun, colorful products that draw the attention of your customers.

It’s important to add variety to your offerings, particularly if you see a lot of the same customers week after week. Having only one or two widgets to sell means that eventually, if everyone in town buys a widget, you will need to come up with a new idea.

1. Expand Your Product Line

If you stick with having only the one widget, it’s essential to then offer complimentary items that your customers can use to go along with it. In the case of fashion jewelry, offer a spectacular ring or anklet to go with those shoes or a handbag. Placing complimentary items in a stunning display can increase sales dramatically.

2. Let Your Customers in on the Secret

Are you having a sale next week? Will your dresses be 20 percent off? If you see a customer looking at something intently, let them in on the secret. Just walk up to them and say, “You know, if you come back Friday, that will be 20 percent off.” Your customer will be more likely to not only come back, but maybe bring a friend or two — and buy more.

3. Find the Right Thing to Sell

When it comes to deciding what to sell, ultimately it needs to be something you are comfortable with. So, if you see a market for fashion jewelry, become an expert on the jewelry you want to offer. Go through the catalog of products you want to offer and make sure that you can answer retailers’ questions on the quality and types of products.

4. Stay in Touch

Keep in touch with your customers and let them know the new and unique items you are offering. If you have a new display tennis bracelets or dolphin earrings that you know will be popular among your customers, then let them know all about them on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and in your email newsletter. Place signs around your booth or shop. Use a chalkboard outside your shop on the sidewalk or as a welcome sign as soon as your customers walk in the door. Detail the new items you have for sale and what your customers should look for when they shop with you. When using social media, encourage your customers and potential customers to “like” and “share” your posts so that everyone in your community will eventually know about the fun, new products you’re offering.

5. Take it on the Road

Whether you are fundraising for your local organization or you are promoting your retail shop, taking your retail items on the road can do wonders for your business. Ask your local farmers’ market or fair if you can set up a table or two and bring your shop to the masses. You might be surprised at how many people will say things like, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to stop in, I definitely will now!” People get into habits and if your shop hasn’t been one of them, they likely drive by and say, “Oh – I have to go there one day,” and never do. Chat people up, tell them your thoughts on different items and offer lots of choices. Small items like fashion jewelry always sell well at fairs and festivals.

6. Team Up With a Charity

Teaming up with a charity or non-profit and participating in different fundraisers is a great way to offer your promotional products and get your business recognized at the same time. Organizations like to offer their fundraiser participants different prizes, silent auction items, gift baskets and the like. Sponsor a 5K run and give all of the finishers a necklace (choose male and female options) for finishing. Businesses are much more likely to purchase from other businesses that support causes about which they feel strongly.

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