The Rich History of Ankle Bracelets

In today’s fashion, ankle bracelets are often used to add a simple touch of sophistication to many outfits. They can be worn with formal dresses or just with casual skirts. has a huge selection of ankle bracelets, and we find that many people who purchase our wholesale ankle bracelets are unaware of the cultural significance ankle bracelets have throughout the world. We decided it might be fun to highlight some of the traditional ways ankle bracelets are worn all over the globe.

Genuine Paua Sea Shell Anklets

Genuine Paua Sea Shell Anklets

  • In Egypt, ankle bracelets have been worn since ancient times. Depending on a person’s social status, ankle bracelets ranged from highly ornate pieces of jewelry made from gold to more modest pieces made from silver or iron.
  • Europe first saw ankle bracelets grow in popularity as early as the Bronze Age. They were often made from bronze and found in areas near the Danube.
  • South Asia’s history with the ankle bracelet goes all the way back to first century CE, when a story appeared called Cilappatikaram, or The Story of the Anklet. It was about a woman whose husband was killed while trying to sell one of her anklets to a bad goldsmith. In this story, the ankle bracelet is described in detail.

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