The Science behind Mood Rings

If you happened to be around during the so-called Disco Era of the 1970s, you may remember when color-changing mood rings first became popular. There was nothing subtle about the Seventies; the fashions of the day certainly prove that.

We’ve had a few customers ask us if mood rings are safe for little kids to wear. We are happy to say that as long as a child is old enough to keep the ring out of their mouth, mood rings for kids are entirely safe.

The science behind mood rings is actually quite simple. There is a strip of heat-sensitive, or thermotropic liquid crystals under the glass ‘stone’ of a mood ring. At typical human body temperature of around 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius, the liquid crystals appear to be green. Excitement or passion can raise body temperature, thereby twisting the crystals in a way that makes them appear to be more violet or purple. If body temperature is lowered, the crystals twist in the other direction and reflect colors from the other end of the spectrum.

Forty years since they were first invented, mood rings for kids are enjoying an exciting resurgence in popularity. If you’re a jewelry reseller, you’ll surely want to know more about the highly popular mood rings we offer through our wholesale online catalog.

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box

Paua Shell Bracelets: Beauty from the Sea

Paua Shell Bracelet


PreciousInternational.com is one of the world’s leading wholesale sellers of paua shell bracelets. Paua shell bracelets have risen in popularity over the years to become the go-to piece for women who want to add a splash of tropical color and a touch of class to their wardrobe. Paua shell bracelets can be worn with nearly every kind of outfit, making them the perfect accessory for women of all kinds. The story of the paua shell is just as rich as its vibrant colors.

Paua shells come from New Zealand. Paua is the Maori name for three different species of large sea snails. These large, edible paua, or abalone as they are known in the United States, have been farmed for both food and decorative purposes since the 1980s. The paua farms in New Zealand each have specific focus – some farm paua for their meat, some for their shells, and some for their gorgeous blue pearls.

According to Maori people, paua is called taonga, or treasure. It is often used in contemporary jewelry and other crafts. In Maori art, paua is often used to represent eyes. Their attraction lies in the beautiful blue, green, and purple colors that shine from polished paua shells.


How Did Tennis Bracelets Get Their Name?

Tennis BraceletTennis bracelets are some of the world’s most popular types of jewelry. Not only are they stunning but they are also incredibly versatile. Tennis bracelets can look just as amazing with evening formal wear as they can dressed down in a sweater and jeans. At PreciousInternational.com, we have a huge selection of tennis bracelets from which to choose. We get plenty of questions daily about our selection and our incredible wholesale prices, but one question that seems to come up more often than not is, “How did tennis bracelets get their name?” Well, it is actually a pretty interesting story and it actually does have roots in the game of tennis.

Chris Evert was a professional tennis player from 1972 to 1989. During a championship match at the US Open one year, her diamond bracelet, designed by world renowned jeweler George Bedewi, was lost. The latch keeping the bracelet on broke. In a panic, she asked game officials to pause the match until she found her bracelet. From then on, the thin bracelet became known as the tennis bracelet. Today, tennis bracelets are still worn by tennis players like Serena Williams, but the style has been embraced by women all over the world.

6 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Wholesale Jewelry

No matter what type of retail business you have — from a busy clothing shop at a tourist destination to a small booth at a local flea market — your business can benefit from the sale of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry. Whether you mainly purchase items wholesale and resell them or you make items yourself, you can increase your sales with fun, colorful products that draw the attention of your customers.

It’s important to add variety to your offerings, particularly if you see a lot of the same customers week after week. Having only one or two widgets to sell means that eventually, if everyone in town buys a widget, you will need to come up with a new idea.

1. Expand Your Product Line

If you stick with having only the one widget, it’s essential to then offer complimentary items that your customers can use to go along with it. In the case of fashion jewelry, offer a spectacular ring or anklet to go with those shoes or a handbag. Placing complimentary items in a stunning display can increase sales dramatically.

2. Let Your Customers in on the Secret

Are you having a sale next week? Will your dresses be 20 percent off? If you see a customer looking at something intently, let them in on the secret. Just walk up to them and say, “You know, if you come back Friday, that will be 20 percent off.” Your customer will be more likely to not only come back, but maybe bring a friend or two — and buy more.

3. Find the Right Thing to Sell

When it comes to deciding what to sell, ultimately it needs to be something you are comfortable with. So, if you see a market for fashion jewelry, become an expert on the jewelry you want to offer. Go through the catalog of products you want to offer and make sure that you can answer retailers’ questions on the quality and types of products.

4. Stay in Touch

Keep in touch with your customers and let them know the new and unique items you are offering. If you have a new display tennis bracelets or dolphin earrings that you know will be popular among your customers, then let them know all about them on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and in your email newsletter. Place signs around your booth or shop. Use a chalkboard outside your shop on the sidewalk or as a welcome sign as soon as your customers walk in the door. Detail the new items you have for sale and what your customers should look for when they shop with you. When using social media, encourage your customers and potential customers to “like” and “share” your posts so that everyone in your community will eventually know about the fun, new products you’re offering.

5. Take it on the Road

Whether you are fundraising for your local organization or you are promoting your retail shop, taking your retail items on the road can do wonders for your business. Ask your local farmers’ market or fair if you can set up a table or two and bring your shop to the masses. You might be surprised at how many people will say things like, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to stop in, I definitely will now!” People get into habits and if your shop hasn’t been one of them, they likely drive by and say, “Oh – I have to go there one day,” and never do. Chat people up, tell them your thoughts on different items and offer lots of choices. Small items like fashion jewelry always sell well at fairs and festivals.

6. Team Up With a Charity

Teaming up with a charity or non-profit and participating in different fundraisers is a great way to offer your promotional products and get your business recognized at the same time. Organizations like to offer their fundraiser participants different prizes, silent auction items, gift baskets and the like. Sponsor a 5K run and give all of the finishers a necklace (choose male and female options) for finishing. Businesses are much more likely to purchase from other businesses that support causes about which they feel strongly.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Paua Jewelry












What is Paua?

Paua shell jewelry (sometimes referred to as a sea opal) is made from Abalone sea shells, which actually comes from three snail species native to New Zealand. The snails are actually edible delicacies, especially for the Maori. In fact, there is a black market for the Abalone meat.

There are strict farming restrictions for Paua that are gathered both recreationally and for commercial use. Recreational fishers can only catch 10 a day. This means they are gathered in a sustainable fashion and the sale of a Paua shell anklet, for example, would increase the value of the shells. According to The Paua Industry, “as of 2003, the total asset value of paua resource managed under the QMS (Quota Management System) was #330 millions.

Why Paua Jewelry Is So Popular

Paua jewelry is a contemporary jewelry that has natural beauty that varies in every piece. The shells can vary in color from blues, greens, pinks, purples, gold and even crimson shades. Paua is iridescent, so different angles show varying hues. This is similar to a mother of pearl, but even more vivid. In fact, paua shells were commonly used in Maori carvings as eyes (particularly red hues) and are also associated with the stars (or eyes of ancients gazing from the night sky).

Paua shell bracelets are a popular way for showing off these unique shells, since we can jingle our wrists and show off their colors. People love to wear natural jewelry as well.











Paua Pearls

Paua pearls are another jewelry option that goes well with the popularity of pearls or pearl-shaped beads. Basically, the shells are fitted with implants that are the shape of a pearl. The paua are nurtured for 2-3 years, where they produce the coating that creates the pearl. Once they are primed, the meat is removed to get to the pearl (sort of like oysters). This creates many jewelry options that would replace ordinary pearl jewelry.

Paua Jewelry on Celebrities

For Xena: Warrior Princess fans, a fun fact is that Xena’s first chakram is made from paua shells. The show was filmed in New Zealand. Xena was a strong female figure that exhibited strength, friendship and competence. Xena first appeared on the TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys but was so popular, she got her own show. The show ran from 1995 to 2001.

Why Buy Wholesale?

If you are looking for quality wholesale jewelry, paua jewelry is a cost efficient choice.

  • The shells are inspected by US Fish & Wildlife Services to ensure quality.
  • Paua is a popular choice with a natural element with vivid, iridescent color choices to fit a wide range of tastes.
  • Paua jewelry is considered semi-precious jewelry and is made with top quality jewelry components, such as genuine leather.

We have been selling since 1985, giving us a strong industry presence and time has shown paua jewelry is still a popular choice for jewelry sales, whether you have an online store, retail store or souvenir shop.

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