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Ways to Use Wholesale Bracelets

Wholesale bracelets are fun and fashionable things to sell in your store. There are plenty of places to sell wholesale bracelets, like clothing shops, pagodas, and may other places. In addition to these places, there are other ways to utilize wholesale bracelets. When you see the inventory of bracelets at, you will see that you don’t always need to sell these bracelets in high-end stores. We have bracelets for all types of occasion. We hear from customers all the time about their unique ways they sold the wholesale bracelets they acquired from Here are just a few ideas we’ve heard.Wholesale Bracelet

We do a lot of business with non-profit and charity organizations, and they often have success with our selection of wholesale bracelets. Charities have been able to sell these gorgeous bracelets in order to raise money for their causes. Charity groups have also used our bracelets in gift bags that they give to donors at fundraising events.

Although it might not seem very common, we have actually done a lot of business with schools! Schools purchase our wholesale bracelets and then use them during raffle events. A decorated basket featuring one of our shimmering bracelets always yields a high volume of raffle tickets!


Wholesale Only

At, we take pride in offering the very best wholesale fashion jewelry for your business. Whether looking for the best selection of wholesale Paua shell jewelry, bracelets and anklets made of Paua (Abalone) Sea Shells,  Tennis Bracelets, Mother of Pearl Bracelets, Stainless Steel Necklaces, or Cubic Zirconium Jewelry you can be sure you’ll find only the highest quality and best selection of wholesale jewelry merchandise at Precious International. We are manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers of fashion jewelry since 1985. With over 29 years of experience in the wholesale costume jewelry market, we are dedicated to providing only the very best quality of wholesale jewelry at competitive prices. Our customers place repeat orders every week and we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied.
We primarily sell to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and home party operators. Our distributors and wholesalers sell to and service small retail stores, gift and souvenir shops, specialty stores, college and university gift shops, hospital gift shops and museums. We have a very successful group of customers who are vendors at the state fairs, county fairs, arts and craft shows, professional conventions, car shows, boat shows, gun shows, aviation shows, etc. Our products sell extremely well at water parks, recreation parks and amusement parks.
When you’re looking to stock your retail business with the finest wholesale fashion jewelry and other wholesale unique products, look no further than Please keep in mind that we only sell our products at wholesale, business-to-business. Our wholesale Paua shell jewelry and other wholesale costume jewelry have a required minimum quantity as indicated in the specific order page.
For more information or to order please contact us here or call toll free at 1-800-322-4246 or 1-281-261-2050. We sell our products at wholesale only!  No retail sales. Purchase of minimum quantities applies as indicated on items.
Top quality products, fast and friendly customer service is our promise to you.       PreciousInternational Phone: 1-281-261-2050 Phone: 1-800-322-4246 Fax: 1-281-261-4707 Email:
B4064M Genuine Sea Shell Bracel

B4064M Genuine Sea Shell Bracelet

The Rich History of Ankle Bracelets

In today’s fashion, ankle bracelets are often used to add a simple touch of sophistication to many outfits. They can be worn with formal dresses or just with casual skirts. has a huge selection of ankle bracelets, and we find that many people who purchase our wholesale ankle bracelets are unaware of the cultural significance ankle bracelets have throughout the world. We decided it might be fun to highlight some of the traditional ways ankle bracelets are worn all over the globe.

Genuine Paua Sea Shell Anklets

Genuine Paua Sea Shell Anklets

  • In Egypt, ankle bracelets have been worn since ancient times. Depending on a person’s social status, ankle bracelets ranged from highly ornate pieces of jewelry made from gold to more modest pieces made from silver or iron.
  • Europe first saw ankle bracelets grow in popularity as early as the Bronze Age. They were often made from bronze and found in areas near the Danube.
  • South Asia’s history with the ankle bracelet goes all the way back to first century CE, when a story appeared called Cilappatikaram, or The Story of the Anklet. It was about a woman whose husband was killed while trying to sell one of her anklets to a bad goldsmith. In this story, the ankle bracelet is described in detail.

The Science behind Mood Rings

If you happened to be around during the so-called Disco Era of the 1970s, you may remember when color-changing mood rings first became popular. There was nothing subtle about the Seventies; the fashions of the day certainly prove that.

We’ve had a few customers ask us if mood rings are safe for little kids to wear. We are happy to say that as long as a child is old enough to keep the ring out of their mouth, mood rings for kids are entirely safe.

The science behind mood rings is actually quite simple. There is a strip of heat-sensitive, or thermotropic liquid crystals under the glass ‘stone’ of a mood ring. At typical human body temperature of around 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius, the liquid crystals appear to be green. Excitement or passion can raise body temperature, thereby twisting the crystals in a way that makes them appear to be more violet or purple. If body temperature is lowered, the crystals twist in the other direction and reflect colors from the other end of the spectrum.

Forty years since they were first invented, mood rings for kids are enjoying an exciting resurgence in popularity. If you’re a jewelry reseller, you’ll surely want to know more about the highly popular mood rings we offer through our wholesale online catalog.

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box

R112 Mood Rings 60 in a box