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Paua Shell Bracelets: Beauty from the Sea

Paua Shell Bracelet

B4017G is one of the world’s leading wholesale sellers of paua shell bracelets. Paua shell bracelets have risen in popularity over the years to become the go-to piece for women who want to add a splash of tropical color and a touch of class to their wardrobe. Paua shell bracelets can be worn with nearly every kind of outfit, making them the perfect accessory for women of all kinds. The story of the paua shell is just as rich as its vibrant colors.

Paua shells come from New Zealand. Paua is the Maori name for three different species of large sea snails. These large, edible paua, or abalone as they are known in the United States, have been farmed for both food and decorative purposes since the 1980s. The paua farms in New Zealand each have specific focus – some farm paua for their meat, some for their shells, and some for their gorgeous blue pearls.

According to Maori people, paua is called taonga, or treasure. It is often used in contemporary jewelry and other crafts. In Maori art, paua is often used to represent eyes. Their attraction lies in the beautiful blue, green, and purple colors that shine from polished paua shells.


How Did Tennis Bracelets Get Their Name?

Tennis BraceletTennis bracelets are some of the world’s most popular types of jewelry. Not only are they stunning but they are also incredibly versatile. Tennis bracelets can look just as amazing with evening formal wear as they can dressed down in a sweater and jeans. At, we have a huge selection of tennis bracelets from which to choose. We get plenty of questions daily about our selection and our incredible wholesale prices, but one question that seems to come up more often than not is, “How did tennis bracelets get their name?” Well, it is actually a pretty interesting story and it actually does have roots in the game of tennis.

Chris Evert was a professional tennis player from 1972 to 1989. During a championship match at the US Open one year, her diamond bracelet, designed by world renowned jeweler George Bedewi, was lost. The latch keeping the bracelet on broke. In a panic, she asked game officials to pause the match until she found her bracelet. From then on, the thin bracelet became known as the tennis bracelet. Today, tennis bracelets are still worn by tennis players like Serena Williams, but the style has been embraced by women all over the world.